Portland in the News: Lives Saved; 75 Years of PSU; Baseball History & More | February 18, 2021

In the 1940s, Portland was home to an all black baseball team called The Rosebuds. And this year, they are coming back.

Founded to give soldiers returning home from World War II a place to get higher education, Portland State University turns 75 years old this year. 

And thanks to strict adherence to COVID-19 guidelines, the Portland area saved 2,000 lives, economists say.

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Portland in the News: Rare Bird Sighting; Top Chef Portland; Indoor Dining Reopens & More! | February 11, 2021

You may recognize some local faces on the new season of culinary competition show ‘Top Chef’, which was filmed in Portland last year and premiers on April 1. 

A nature photographer captured a rare bird sighting at Oaks Bottom this past week.

And nice work eating your veggies: Portland was recently ranked the third healthiest city in America according to a new study.

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