Portland in the News: WNBA in Portland?; Nearby Nature Camping Parks; One of the Worst Allergy Cities | May 12, 2022

No secret to allergy sufferers, Lawn Love has named Portland the No.11 worst city for grass allergies.

The Side Yard Farm & Kitchen hosts The Lost Table grieving group potluck once a month in Northeast Portland’s Cully neighborhood.

And a former mayor of Portland is the man in a popular poster seen on campuses worldwide called, “Expose Yourself to Art.”

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Portland in the News: Record Rain; Deep Thoughts by Andy; Rider Ambassadors & More! | May 5, 2022

If you’ve been thinking it’s been a very wet spring, you’re right! Portland has already had a record setting number of record rain events this year.

The City of Portland is taking over ownership of 82nd Avenue from ODOT, which will allow it to make badly needed safety improvements.

And the city has added Rider Ambassadors to the Portland Streetcar. This team provides a non-security presence to increase rider safety.

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