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Portland in the News: Committing to Renewables, The Smutty 70s, Urban Density & More! | April 13, 2017

The Oregonian reminds of how Portland got here with a romp through 1970s Portland, including disco, a budding liberalism and Portlanders’ increasing fancy for smut. Joining 25 other cities, Portland leaders have committed to 100% renewable energy. We’re already on track: Portland has the 17th highest amount of solar panels in stalled among US cities.

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Portland in the News: Stress-Free Flying, Boring Portland, Pacific Hyperloop & More! | March 23, 2017

Still just a dream, The Pacific Hyperloop, which aims move passengers between Portland and Seattle in 15 minutes, is a finalist in a global challenge contest. While we’re waiting for that to be built, it’s lucky that we have PDX Airport, which has earned Time Money’s most stress-free flight hub in the nation. And ballers […]

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Portland in the News: Anarchists Fix Potholes, Ghost Towns & Shipwrecks, & Get Ready for Lots of Summer Construction! | March 16, 2017

According to Thrillist, Oregon ekes out Colorado for America’s booziest state. With that sort of consumption, it just makes sense that job growth in the booze industry would need to grow to keep pace. Portland‘s potholes have gotten so bad, even anarchists are stepping up to help. Here’s a roundup of the goings-on in Portland […]

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Portland in the News: 99 Plates Under $10, Portland’s Public Art, ‘My Abandonment’ To Be A Movie & More! | March 2, 2017

The Oregonian presents 99 meals for less than $10. Portland lands in the top 10 in Lending Tree’s survey of Most Changed Cities, based on factors such as rent, home values, diversity, & new business. And at 4.3%, Oregon’s unemployment rate is the lowest it’s been since the state began keeping records in the 70s. […]

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Portland in the News: Terrible Traffic, Carrie Fisher Tribute, & more Snow? (No!) | February 23, 2017

More snow in your forecast? Don’t worry, it’s *probably* no big deal. Portland is trying to land Outdoor Retailer, the outdoor industry’s signature trade show, after organizers have decided to abandon Salt Lake City. And, not news to us: a recent study has named the Rose City the 12th worst commute in the country. Here’s […]

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Portland in the News: Blazers Worth $1.05B, Mount Hood Eruption Simulation, Is PDX Ready for the NHL & More! | February 16, 2017

Forbes has valued the Portland Trail Blazers at $1.05B – a relative bargain compared to the New York Knicks ($3.3B) and Los Angeles Lakers ($3B). And sure it’s pretty, but most forget that Mount Hood is an active volcano that could erupt in your lifetime. Check out this video simulation complete with beeped profanity. Here’s […]

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Portland in the News: Snake Gets Stuck in Earlobe; NBA’s Best Shooter; Chinese Dragon Busts Out of Storage & more! | February 2, 2017

A Portland woman landed in the hospital (& international headlines) when her pet snake slithered into her gauged earlobe and got stuck. Doctors were able to remove the ball python without injuring the animal or the owner. The Hilton Portland & Executive Tower is getting a new name. After renovation, the building will be known […]

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Portland in the News: New DB Cooper Evidence, Winter Fatigue, The 7-Eleven Goat & More! | January 19, 2017

Temperatures are finally rising and even is calling Portland America’s Most Winter-fatigued city this season. Even goats are saying screw it and marching into 7-Eleven for Skittles. Although the FBI has closed the file on DB Cooper, investigators aren’t giving up. They’re releasing new evidence to the public in the hopes citizen sleuths can […]

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Portland in the News: Bob The Weather Cat, The Truth Behind the Shanghai Tunnels, Hawks Hunting Crows & More! | January 12, 2017

The City has released raptors on the murders of crows in downtown Portland in an attempt to remove the icky birds. That old story of shanghaiing sailors in Portland is probably true, but likely didn’t involve any tunnels. And although it seems like a snow of has hit Portland recently, the amount is only a […]

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Oregonian Welc ome to Oregon

Portland in the News: Addressing the Traffic Problem; NY Times Top Places to Visit; Top Spot in Which to Relocate & more! | January 5, 2017

Portland landed in the NY Times’ top 52 places to go in 2017. According to Atlas Van Lines, Oregon continues to be a top relocation spot. And Oregon lawmakers are determined to pass a bill this session that will address Portland’s awful traffic problem. Considering all the new visitors we can expect in 2017 and […]

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Portland in the News: Marijuana Delivery Couriers; Top Places to Countdown to 2017; & New Year’s Day Snow?! | December 29, 2017

If population growth continues, Oregon might get another congressional seat after the 2020 census. Running low on bud? Marijuana couriers are now legal in Portland. And Traveler’s Today has named Portland one of the top 5 places to ring in the new year in America, citing Portland’s 17-bar Champagne Ball as a must do! Here’s […]

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Portland in the News: Catmapper, Banning Dirty Energy Infrastructure, Doughnut Ecosystem & More! | December 22, 2016

Never miss a cat again with Portland’s Catmapper. Still looking for a gift? Try these sustainable options including eating locally, or donating to a local nonprofit with your child. And the city of Portland made several international lists of the top places to visit in 2017. Here’s a roundup of the goings-on in Portland this […]

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Portland in the News: Man Arrested w/ His Parrot, Toxic Graveyard, Belmont Goats Must Move Again | December 8, 2016

PDX has landed the top spot as the most instagrammed spot in Oregon. Followed by Seaside Beach and then Multnomah Falls. The Fair-Haired Dumbbell, Oregon’s First Crowd-funded Building, offers the non-wealthy an investment option. And Oregon police recently brought two jailbirds in for mug shots: a man and his pet parrot. Here’s a roundup of […]

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Portland in the News: The Birth of the Blues Brothers, Calling the Cops on “Closing Time,” Cannabis Cash App & More!

You don’t have to go home, but you can’t stay here! An Oregon woman called the cops on a man who wouldn’t stop whistling “Closing Time” near her house. An app recently launched that hopes to take the cash out of the cannabis industry. CanPay accepts payments that go directly into the bank accounts of […]

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God Samaritan Stops Shooter on Max KGW

Portland in the News: Haunted Portland, Hairless Hamster Gets a Cute Sweater, & Hacking into Wi-Fi | October 27, 2016

Halloween is here, get your chills at one of America’s most haunted place, The Shanghai Tunnels, where according to legend, local men were stolen away to work on Ships headed to Asia in the early 19th century. Although Vogue has upgraded Portland to the State’s capital city, it doesn’t exaggerate just how amazing Pine Street […]

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Keep Portland Weird

Portland in the News: Keep Portland Weird License Place, Beer Accolades, Smart Wine Caps & More! | October 20, 2016

So you’ve got PDX carpet mugs, pints, coasters, socks and even a chunk of it hanging proudly near your beer wall, but life just isn’t complete until you get the license plate? Now you can! A Kickstarter needs 3,000 backers to get a “Keep Portland Weird” License plate approved & produced by the DMV. Speaking […]

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Portland in the News: Marionberry, 8th Greenest City & Competitive Pinball & More! | October 13, 2016

All hail the Marionberry, Oregon born & raised! The delicious fruit, a cross between Chehalem and Olallie blackberries, was created at Oregon State and introduced in the 1950s. Portland Art Museum is growing! They’re looking to add a 3-story pavilion. And WalletHub ranks Portland the 8th greenest city in the Nation. Here’s a roundup of […]

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Oregonian Swifts

Portland in the News: Why Clowns, Why?!, Haunted Spots, Oregon Trail Tracks & More! | October 6, 2016

Hide yo kids, hide yo wife, hide yo husband ’cause the clowns are comin! Reports are coming in across the country of scary clown sightings and now it’s reached Oregon, including in downtown Portland. Get more chills by visiting these reportedly haunted locations in Oregon. And fewer chimneys along the west coast mean fewer Vaux’s […]

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