Virtual Portland Indigenous Marketplace | Live Art, Support Local Artists, Music, Raffle & More!

Virtual Portland Indigenous Marketplace
April 25, 2020
10a-4p | All Ages
More info: Facebook

Hoping and praying that everyone is safe. As many of you know we had a Portland Indigenous Marketplace planned for April 25th. We are not able to have the planned marketplace in person, so we have planned a Virtual Portland Indigenous Marketplace to take place on Facebook on April 25th 2020 10-4pm.

Many of our Indigenous businesses have come to a complete stop or are experiencing very low sales since Covid-19 have impacted our community. this event will be our first attempt at a Virtual Portland Indigenous Marketplace and we hope that you will join us.


  • 10am- Welcome
  • 10:30am- Karrie Young/Music Performance
  • 12-1- Indigenous Artist “Live” and posts
  • 1pm- Sherrie Davis and Tony Garcia Eagleheart
  • 1:30-3pm- Indigenous Artist “Live” and posts
  • 3pm- Sherrie Davis and Tony Garcia Eagleheart
  • 3:30-4pm- Indigenous Artist “Live” and posts
  • 4pm- Thank you and “Live”Raffle Winner

Buy a ticket with Venmo @Portland-IndigenousMarketplace



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