Portland 2021 Halloween Trick-or-Treat @ Pix Pâtisserie’s Pix-O-Matic | Haunted Catacombs Café, Costume Contest

From our sponsors:
Trick-or-Treat @ Pix-O-Matic
Trick-or-Treating – October 31  6:30PM – 8:30PM
Costume Contest – all day and night October 31
Catacombs Café – open for viewing October 24-31
More info: pixpatisserie.com

Pix Pâtisserie
2225 E Burnside St, Portland

On Halloween evening, the Pix-O-Matic vending machine will hide gourmand candy fun behind 114 of its compartment doors. We’ll have Pix truffles, mini Fantôme cakes, candy ghosts and other made-in-house tasty treats for all ages trick-or-treating. Press the buttons and watch, mesmerized, as desserts and chocolate go round and round in the carousel. When you see one you want, go for it. The vending machine doors will open for free between 6:30PM and 8:30PM on Halloween night. One treat per person, please!

While you are there (and every night starting October 24th) take a peek inside the haunted Catacombs Café, where bon vivants of the afterlife enjoy un plat du jour et un verre du vin. These skeletons can indulge carefree without watching their weight…and they do! Meanwhile, the staff is operating on a “skeleton” crew. Oh mon dieu!

Pix-O-Matic Costume Contest
All Day Long on October 31, 2021
And dress your best for the costume contest! Take your photo with the Pix-O-Matic photo booth all day and night October 31st to show off your costume. Post it on any social media site (Facebook, Twitter or Instagram) or just follow us to see if you are the winner. The winner will be announced November 3rd and will receive an autographed Pix Cookbook Combo Pack (1 copy each of Modern French Pastry and Petite Pâtisserie) plus an 8” Pix dessert of their choice.





  1. Lisa Kendall on October 20, 2021 at 9:39 pm

    A favorite place for some of us struggling with French. The food and atmosphere are marvelous and the location great.
    I look forward to the next French food adventure.

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