Farm to Plate Dinner @ Topaz Farm on Sauvie Island | Featuring Local Bounty Curated by Two of Region’s Top Chefs

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Farm to Plate
Summer 2022
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Topaz Farm
17100 NW Sauvie Island Road, Portland

Farm to Plate dinners on Sauvie Island are nearly sold out – reserve yours for a memorable summer night!

An amazing five-course meal served under a massive 500 year old oak tree on Sauvie Island? Come see for yourself why Topaz Farm is considered the area’s premiere Farm to Plate experience.

“One favorite (Sauvie Island) spot open to the public is Topaz Farm. Their farm-to-table dinners take advantage of the region’s bounty and offer a local culinary experience while tapping into Oregon’s rich foodie culture.”

Farm To Plate Chefs, Janelle and Christian Ephrem, are back for their third year at Topaz Farm. Their globetrotting culinary adventures combined with their refined Michelin star experience make for incredible meals at the farm under the Historic Topaz Farm Oak Tree. Come experience why they’ve earned their growing reputation as the region’s top Farm To Plate Chefs.

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  1. Lisa Kendall on July 1, 2022 at 3:04 pm

    I love African cooking and haven’t been to Sauvie Island in years.
    Amaseganalo; Thank you in Amharac.

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