Petite Pâtisserie Book Release Party in the Pix-O-Matic at Pix Pâtisserie! | Autographed Copies, Preorders Available, Mini Edibles From Book’s Recipes

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Petite Pâtisserie Book Release Party
August 25-31, 2020
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Pix Pâtisserie
2225 E Burnside St Portland, Oregon 97214

How do you have a book release party in a pandemic? You put it in a contactless, self-serve vending machine! Petite Pâtisserie goes on sale August 25th. Pix owner, chef and author, Cheryl Wakerhauser, is throwing a party in the Pix-O-Matic to celebrate, filling the vending machine compartments with miniature edibles all created from recipes in the book.

Also available for preorder pickup…

Autographed Copies of Petite Pâtisserie $25

Call ahead and let me know who to autograph your book for and I’ll make it happen!

Cookbook and Sampler Combo Pack $65

Get your signed copy of Petite Pâtisserie plus a box of 12 miniature treats created from recipes in the book.

To place a preorder call 971-271-7166 or email [email protected].

About the Pix-O-Matic

Introducing Pix-O-Matic, the 24 hour contactless vending machine of Pix desserts, macarons, conservas from Bar Vivant and other random stuff to make you smile (because who couldn’t use a smile these days?)

Now, you can get your Pix fix anytime craving strikes. Just visit the new refrigerated vending machine outside the Pix front door. The Pix-O-Matic will be thoroughly cleaned and restocked each day at 10AM with your favorite tasty treats. Make your selection and pay with the contactless credit card reader. Need a last minute birthday treat? The Pix-O-Matic has got your back. There’s even sparklers in the rotating selection.

The Pix-O-Matic is located in front of the restaurant door at 2225 East Burnside Street in Portland Oregon. Please respect social distancing while using.

“Cheryl accomplishes in Petite Pâtisserie what most pastry and dessert books should aspire to. It explains real technique that is used in professional kitchens and translates it for home bakers and pastry novices to be able to use in their own kitchens without dumbing the information down. Very importantly, it makes the case for using the metric system which is bar none the most accurate way to measure ingredients and thus reduce any chance for errors. The beauty of pastry is that it always works so long as you follow the recipe, and Cheryl’s recipes are thoughtfully written and clearly explained.”

– Francisco Migoya, head chef at Modernist Cuisine and co-author of the 2018 James Beard Award winning Modernist Bread and other professional pastry books

“Not only does Petite Pâtisserie make me want to jump in the kitchen on my day off and go crazy making sweet treats, it also teaches how to break all the rules and love your mistakes in the kitchen. A good cook book should inspire you to forge your own path and that is exactly what this book does. Bravo!!!!!!!!”

– Gabriel Rucker, James Beard Rising Star and chef / co-owner of Le Pigeon and Canard

About Petite Pâtisserie

Petite Pâtisserie – Petits Fours, Macarons, Bon Bons and Other Whimsical Bite-Sized Treats

Literally translated to “little ovens,” French petits fours are small pastries that can be eaten in two to three bites. Petite Pâtisserie skips the commonplace, white fondant covered cake squares and, instead, introduces you to petit pastry in a new, exciting array of flavors, shapes, textures and colors. These 41 original recipes captivate the eyes before intriguing the taste buds. You eat with your eyes first, and that’s what makes these tiny treats perfect for afternoon tea, weddings, cocktail parties or any festive occasion. Et bien sûr, they taste as good as they look.

Cheryl Wakerhauser, owner of the award-winning Pix Pâtisserie and author of Modern French Pastry, provides detailed step-by-step instruction in her books. She is not only a pastry chef extraordinaire but a teacher as well, offering the how’s and why’s to each recipe. Petite Pâtisserie shares recipes and expertise for a wide range of skill sets, making this the perfect book for avid bakers, pastry chefs in the field and anyone who loves to entertain with their kitchen prowess.

In addition to composed, multi-dimensional petits fours, Cheryl also shares a striking sweet and savory menu for high tea, bon bons that make you rethink the classic truffle, dessert shooters in mini glassware and her take on cookies (think macarons so tiny you can pop them into your mouth like M&Ms). Also discover a caramel mousse with salted almonds wrapped in a thin layer of chocolate that will make you say, “Shazam!”, an adult dessert version of the Old Fashioned in ice cream shake formation and a coconut mousse dessert in the form of, what else, a mini coconut! Playful recipes backed by solid instruction and creative execution. The Parlor Tricks from Modern French Pastry are also back with new innovative techniques for décor and time saving procedures. If you do not have a microwave, buy one when you purchase this book!

Cheryl trained in southern France with the prestigious pâtissier MOF Philippe URRACA. Her dessert oasis, Pix Pâtisserie, has been serving tasty treats and an award-winning wine list in Portland, OR since 2001. She has been featured in Thuriès Gastronomie, Vogue, Le Journal du Pâtissier, World of Fine Wine, NYT Magazine, Food Network Magazine, Oprah Magazine, The Wall Street Journal, USA Today and Bon Appétit.



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