Help Oregon’s Psilocybin Therapy Initiative Qualify for November Ballot! | IP 34 Is The Country’s First Research-backed Program, Download & Return Petition

Yes on IP 34

More info:

Yes on IP 34 is making progress toward their goal of qualifying IP 34, the psilocybin therapy initiative, for the November ballot — but they’re running out of time.

To meet our goal of creating the country’s first research-backed statewide psilocybin therapy program, they need your help!

Three Things You Can Do To Help Right Now:

  • If you haven’t downloaded the petition, signed it and sent it in, do it here
  • If you haven’t mailed in your petition yet, please do it now! (Yes On IP 34 P.O. Box 42307 Portland, OR 97242)
  • If you’ve signed,  tell your friends. Share this petition link on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter and encourage your friends to download and sign

Each step takes just two minutes, but all that work combined equals hundreds of new hours of dedicated volunteers that will get them to their goal.

Download and sign today!



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