Blueprint Choral Ensembles Presents FREE Nightfall in NE Portland | Featuring the Fauré Requiem

From our sponsors:
featuring the Fauré Requiem
February 24, 2024
7:07PM | All Ages
Free Entry
Desserts Included
More info:

Location: 5830 NE Alameda Street, Portland

Come join ensembles Carnation, Peach, Scarlet, and Burgundy as they bring you our first masterwork of 2024: the upper voices version of the Fauré Requiem!

Explore dusk, twilight, and the night sky in its many forms as the ensembles bring you songs from everyone from Schubert to Coldplay to Louie Armstrong, and more!

Included? How about…

• Memley’s There Will Come Soft Rains
• Ella’s Dream a Little Dream
• the frenetic classic Sigue
• Esenvalds’ My Song
A Whole New World from Aladdin

And much more!

And finish the evening with the magnificent Faure Requiem!



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