360 Labs Virtual Tours Presents PDXgiga | A New Way to Explore Portland, Interactive 500 Megapixel Image

360 Labs Virtual Tours

More info: 360labs.net/PDXgiga

360 Labs provides virtual tours, 360 video production, and 360 streaming services for local events for virtual reality, desktop, and mobile applications. Celebrating 6 years in business in downtown Portland providing VR experiences for world class brands and local small businesses, the mission at 360 Labs is to pioneer a new visual medium for a changing world.

To celebrate our 6th anniversary during the pandemic and our love of our hometown, we’ve built a new way to explore Portland virtually. PDXgiga is a sweeping panoramic view of the city that users can ZOOM into to discover 360 video experiences captured over the years by the 360 Labs team. You can look over the edge of Big Pink, ride on a Pride float with Darcelle, have the Unipiper cycle around you, climb Mt Hood, go dragon boating, or any one of 30 different experiences.

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