With Love From PDX Presents Bad Dogs Studio Broom Making Workshop | w/ Dan Hawkins

From our sponsors:
Broom Making workshop w/ Dan Hawkins
June 22, 2024
2-5PM | $135
More info: withlovefrompdx.com

With Love From PDX
7412 SW Beaverton Hillsdale Hwy Portland 97225 Suite 103

Take an introduction to broom-making workshop with Dan Hawkins of Bad Dogs Studio.

Within a 3 hour workshop, participants will learn how to make a “turkey-wing” style handbroom from start to finish. They will leave the workshop with at least one completed broom, a selection of broom-making techniques, and the ability to work with multiple fibers/materials.

The workshop will begin with a short introduction to broom-making and its history, including a foray into the shakers, their contribution to broom craft, and Dan’s connection to them in Maine. Participants will then begin the process, selecting sorghum and hemp cord, and then using hands to work the fiber and feet to control the tension of the wrapping cord. This segment would be interspersed with insights on technique, broom size, uses, etc.

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