Sober Social in the Park with My Sober Girlfriends | A Friendship Community for Growth-oriented Sober Women, Raffle

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My Sober Girlfriends Sober Social
Weekend Afternoons May 2021
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Location: Selected parks each weekend throughout the Portland Metro area

Did you recently decide to stop drinking alcohol? Have you realized that you need more sober friends?

You are not alone.

Join My Sober Girlfriends–Portland’s first friendship community for growth-oriented sober women— in a park near you. We are meeting every weekend in May.

My Sober Girlfriends is a community for women who don’t drink alcohol. This group is open to all sober women, whether you quit drinking during the pandemic or have been sober for years. Fill the hole in your social calendar and build community with like-minded sober women.

Sobriety brings an enhanced ability for authentic connection. So let’s connect!

In our community, you’ll find intelligent, compassionate women with a range of professional and personal backgrounds. Meet real estate agents, flight attendants, scientists, artists, VP, counselors, yoga therapists, graduate students, and more.

My Sober Girlfriends is not a recovery group, so we don’t focus on asking for or sharing advice on how to stay sober. The women who attend our events have chosen an alcohol-free life to enjoy connection, fun, and learning to play with a growth mindset.

We’ll meet in small groups in parks throughout the Portland metro area every Saturday and Sunday afternoon in May.

Attendees will be entered in a free raffle to win prizes donated by some awesome local alcohol-free women, including: Alena Botanica, For Bitter For Worse, Attack Cat Bags, Piehole Prints, Barb Burwell, Frances Waddell, Amarylis Fernandez, Tiffany Marlink, and NorthFork 53.

New friends and a great sober community are here for you. Join My Sober Girlfriends and sign up to attend one (or more) of these fun, supportive events this May.



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