Smartphone Orchestra @ The Tomorrow Theater | Free, Emojiii Group Experience, Interactive Storytelling, Audio & Gaming

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Smartphone Orchestra
April 5-6, 2024
Doors 5:30PM, Show 6PM | Free | All Ages
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Tomorrow Theater
3530 SE Division St, Portland, OR 97202

For the first time on the West Coast, PAM CUT’s Tomorrow Theater premieres The Smartphone Orchestra on April 5 and 6. These incredible interactive storytelling, audio, and gaming experiences play out not just on mobile phones, but connect us in real life. Jump in to help make music, master the art of love, and learn to speak only in Emoji! Charge your phone all the way to 100, bring your friends, and get ready for the night of your life.

Music for Smartphones
Rather than smartphones separating the audience by pulling focus toward their screens, this interactive performance has audience members come together to experience a unique moment of connectivity.

This crazy 25-minute group experience is guaranteed to break the ice by creating unexpected connections! Emoji is the language spoken by most people in the world. (Everyone with a smartphone at least). But do emojis really help us express ourselves more freely and precisely, or do our intentions end up getting lost in translation? See the Emojii trailer here. A 30-minute Q&A with

The Social Sorting Experiment
We’re (finally) aware that social media companies make money from our data, but do we fully understand what that means? In this provoking and often absurd interactive experience, we reveal in real-time the power these companies have. We sort the audience based on their own data and illustrate firsthand how it works. See The Social Sorting Experiment trailer here.



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