ShanRock’s Triviology Presents 2024 Clash of the Trivia Titans @ Spare Room | Prizes, Open to All Teams

From our sponsors:
The Clash of The Trivia Titans 2024!
February 25, 2024
4:30 Registration
5PM Olympian Open
6:30PM 1st set of prizes and trophies!
7PM Titan Invitational
8:30PM 2nd set of prizes and trophies!
$40 per team; max team size = 5
More info:

Spare Room
4830 NE 42nd, Portland

This is the Super Bowl of trivia; the Oscars of pub quizzery…there will be one team to rule them all! Everyone is invited to compete in this annual two-tiered Triviology tournament for trophies, prizes, and glory! The Olympian is open for everyone, even if you’ve never played trivia before. After prizes and trophies are awarded, the Olympian champion becomes the wild card seed who goes on to compete in the Titan Invitaional; Titans are teams who have won 12 times or more over the trivia season (meaning the whole year since the last COTT). The biggest prize the overall champions will receive (along with a huge engraved trophy!) is a free, private, customized quiz which ShanRock will host in your home, at your work, or for your favorite non-profit organization. Teams will also vote on their Favorite Foes, Best Bartenders, and Favorite Venue, so there are many treasures to be won! Any inquiries may be sent to [email protected].



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