ShanRock’s Triviology Presents Relaunch of Live, In-Person Trivia: Back in Bars! | Prizes, EastBurn Public House, Cruzroom

From our sponsors:
Relaunch of Live Triviology: Back in Bars!
More venues relaunching soon!
$5 per team to play; max team size five
More info:

As much fun as I’ve had playing trivia via Zoom with you all these months, I just can’t wait to quiz you up in person again! Smack talking just ain’t the same when your frenemies aren’t in the same room with you, and of course the Smarties and Dum-Dums taste so much better when you earn them at pub quizzery. This will be the same Triviology game that you know and love, although I will now charge $5 per team to play. Let’s get back together!

Triviology pub quizzes last a couple of hours, and are composed of six short rounds, giving teams instant gratification for their efforts. Team size can range from one – five players, with prizes for everyone on the winning team. Questions are thoroughly researched and cover a wide variety of topics.

  • Mondays @ 7PM – Waypost, 3120 N Williams Ave, Portland, OR 97227 (Launches Jan 10)
    ShanRock, your trivia jockey at this Triviology venue, has a favorite drink here – The Waypost Mule! Enjoy its cinnamony goodness while you endeavor to score the next Waypost win. Nourish yourself with tacos while you’re at it. A little extra fun for the champions is that they get to pick the background music for the following week’s pub quiz!
  • Tuesdays @ 7PM – Cruzroom Annex, 2338 NE Alberta
    Cruzroom represents Triviology’s exclusive engagement on Alberta! This unique bar has received glowing praises in the press – here’s the proof! I must confess I have spent many late night hours at the Cruzroom, eating their scrumptiously unique tacos and drinking their home-made, fruit-infused tequila and vodka … y’know, doing research!
  • Thursdays @ 7PM – Bare Bones, 2900 SE Belmont
    My trivia jockeys and I have spent several nights in Bare Bones, researching & testing its grilled sandwiches & bourbon for you, just to make sure they are of the very best quality…SUCCESS! In fact, the people of Portland voted for Bare Bones as a favorite bar for trivia in Portland Mercury’s PDX Approved Survey! Join trivia jockey John here for booze slushies, and come early if you want to grab a table!



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