Pix Pâtisserie Presents Pix-O-Matic Matched Charitable Donations | ¡Salud!, My Voice Music, Outside In, Taking Ownership

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Matched Charitable Donations

More info: pixpatisserie.com

Pix Pâtisserie
2225 East Burnside Street, Portland

Purchase a Donation Card from the Pix-O-Matic for the charity of your choice and Pix will match that donation 100%.

How it works…

  • Scroll through the vending machine until you find your chosen charity Donation Card.
  • Purchase the Donation Card and then drop it in the Donation Card Dropbox.
  • Pix will make a donation to that charity for double of what you paid for it.

October’s Featured Charities

  • ¡Salud! – Works to provide access to healthcare services for Oregon vineyard workers and their families.
  • My Voice MusicAmplifying young voices and igniting self-discovery through music.
  • Outside InOperates a variety of programs and services designed to meet the basic needs of people struggling with homelessness, poverty, addiction, and medical and mental health conditions.
  • Taking Ownership – Mission to build equity and generational wealth, raise property values, provide support and advocacy to maintain ownership, and improve living conditions for Black home and business owners in Portland.



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