Pix-O-Matic PopUp Presents Tân Tân in SE Portland | Vietnamese, Benefit for Urban League of Portland

From our sponsors:
Pix-O-Matic PopUp Presents Tân Tân
July 31-August 6, 2020
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Pix Pâtisserie
2225 E Burnside St Portland, Oregon 97214

Proudly immigrant/refugee/women-owned, the Tân Tân family has been sharing delicious Vietnamese food from their restaurant, Tân Tân Cafe, in Beaverton for over 20 years. Recently, they launched a line of their most popular sauces for the home cook: Mom’s Hot Chili Sauce, Vietnamese Hoisin Sauce, Vietnamese Peanut Sauce and Sweet “Fish” Sauce, which are the only Vegan-certified and Gluten-Free certified Vietnamese sauces on the market. Tân Tân means New Beginnings and the Tân Tân family is excited that you’ll be joining them on a flavor journey!

The Tân Tân family has graciously offered to donate all sales of Tân Tân sauces in the Pix-O-Matic to the Urban League of Portland. All are sauces are certified vegan and certified gluten-free.

  • Mom’s Hot Chili Sauce $8
  • Vietnamese Sweet “Fish” Sauce $8
  • Vietnamese Hoisin Sauce $8
  • Vietnamese Peanut Sauce $9

About the Pix-O-Matic

Introducing Pix-O-Matic, the 24 hour contactless vending machine of Pix desserts, macarons, conservas from Bar Vivant and other random stuff to make you smile (because who couldn’t use a smile these days?)

Now, you can get your Pix fix anytime craving strikes. Just visit the new refrigerated vending machine outside the Pix front door. The Pix-O-Matic will be thoroughly cleaned and restocked each day at 10AM with your favorite tasty treats. Make your selection and pay with the contactless credit card reader. Need a last minute birthday treat? The Pix-O-Matic has got your back. There’s even sparklers in the rotating selection.

The Pix-O-Matic is located in front of the restaurant door at 2225 East Burnside Street in Portland Oregon. Please respect social distancing while using.



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