Online Art Opening @ The Goodfoot Pub & Lounge | Support Local Artists, Featuring Lead & Bones, Matthew Hopkins, Voxx Romana, You Can’t Sit With Us Collective

Online Art Opening:
Lead & Bones, Matthew Hopkins, Voxx Romana, You Can’t Sit With Us Collective

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With the recent shutdown of social events due to the COVID-19 virus, We will not be able to have our last Thursday art showing. We, as artists, know how hard it is to make a living. In that interest, we are hosting our artists online. We hope it will help each of us find some hint of sanity in this time. Take a look, buy some art, or just donate in some way and lets do what we can to help each other get through this.

Voxx Romana
Since 2007, artist and counter culture adhesive aficionado Voxx Romana has been propagating his Einstein icon and moniker Voxx Romana through the medium of Street Art. Based in Portland, Oregon, Voxx has become internationally recognized through his use of powerfully vivid imagery and vast quantities of subversive street work. The art of Voxx Romana can be described as anti-hero punk with a twist of elegant pop art.

Voxx Romana acquired his name from a Latin phrase which translates to “Voice of Rome”. In a age where freedom of speech is under constant threat, Voxx’s artwork represents the voice of the oppressed in a corrupt society. His mission is to foster an awareness of global issues through art. The imagery he creates impacts lives and promotes deeper thought and engagement in the world. Voxx Romana is always keeping a keen eye on the watchtower.

You Can’t Sit With Us Collective (Beth Myrick & Block & Press)
is comprised of Beth Myrick and Block & Press. Working primarily in plywood and spray paint, together they make a wide variety of brightly colored artwork with a dark undertone…imagine if Lisa Frank had a goth phase.



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