Nalu Kava Bar Offers Free Delivery Wednesdays in Portland! | Pickup Available, Stress Relieving, Fire Cider, Mushroom Powders & More!

Nalu Kava Bar
Friday-Sunday 5-10PM
More info:

Nalu Kava Bar
722 North Sumner Street, Portland, Oregon 97217

Offering curbside/to go drinks Friday, Saturday, Sunday 5-10pm. Free delivery in and around Portland every Wednesday. Call or text 503-519-3415 to place orders or questions.

Nalu offers healthy, immune boosting hot drinks, our speciality being the traditonal drink Kava-Kava.

Kava is a herbaceous plant from the South Pacific Islands. For thousands of years our Polynesian ancestors have revered and honored the Kava plant. A tea is made like any other plant/flower/root tea… The roots of the kava plant are ground up and soaked in water, then strained. Effects have been known to envoke euphoria, well-being, and physical relaxation while also improving creativity, clarity, and sleep.

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