Merry Kitchen Offering Online Cooking Classes for Kids and/or Families | Have Your Kid Cook You Dinner!

Online cooking classes for kids

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Need something for your kids to do so you can work on other projects? Merry Kitchen is offering online cooking classes for kids and/or families. Kids by age 8-9 and up might be able to do these alone, but they need some experience in your kitchen for sure! (Make sure they know how to turn on and off the stove and oven).

Most classes will range from 1.5 to 2 hours. We can do morning classes starting as early as 9 a.m. or offer classes ending around meal time so your child can make you lunch or dinner! You can also choose to make the meal as a family.

Here’s how it works. Email [email protected] to decide on a date and time that works for you. Next, we’ll figure out a menu based on interests, timing, and what equipment you have in your kitchen. We could do a meal or some baking or a combination of both. After we settle on a menu, Julie will email you recipes a few days ahead so you have time to shop. We can connect on Facetime if that works for you. Other options are available as well (Zoom, What’s App, etc). Julie will teach your child or family how to read the recipes, work on timing of recipes, use simple math skills and oversee the execution of your recipes. This is not a video of Julie cooking. This is exactly how she runs her classes, just online. You’ll need to have the food out and ready to go at the start of class.

Cost is $20/hour for one child/person. Each additional person participating add $5/hour more. Most classes would go over an hour unless you only want to make one baked item or 2 quick items.

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