Pride Pampering Party: Slow Dance, Cuddle, Massage | Consent | Drag Acts, Queer DJs, Fairies, Emcee Mr. Eee

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Pride Pampering Party
June 25, 2023
6:45-11:55PM | 18+
More info: Facebook

Tango Berretin
6305 SE Foster Rd., Portland

Have you been out partying your booty off for pride month? I invite you to slow down and take sweet care of yourself and the people you love – and enjoy queer performance art throughout the night!

Dear Drag Lovers, Dancers, Cuddlers, Healers, and Big Pride Energy Babes,

You are invited to join me, Mr. Eee your award-winning drag emcee, for the Pride Pampering Party a glowing dreamscape of slow dancing magic. A multi-sensory fusion of mindful ways to melt away your mental stress and physical soreness and melt into the arms of one another, the Pride Pampering Party is more than just a dance. It is a snuggle-friendly, social care immersion…

As a MELT Dance production, the Pride Pampering Party features calming MASSAGE, a culture of EMPATHY, ways to share LOVE, and comforting vegan and gluten-free TREATS!

Featuring slow, melty music all night long! Here is the schedule:

  • 6:45P Doors Open
  • 7P Pampering / Massage Class
  • 8P Pampering Party! Slow Dancing, Cuddling, Massage, and Treats, with Queer Performance Art Between DJ Sets!
  • 11:30P Queer Show Off & Share – Poetry & Performance Art

I hope you will consider joining us for this sweet experience that is all about social care.

Wishing You All Sweet Magic
Mr. Eee



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