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Luvvly Dating
Weekly Events | Ages 25-55 | $25
Straight, Queer and Bisexual Connections
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Experience speed dating that’s modern, low pressure, and genuinely fun!

Swipe less, date more with Luvvly.

How it works:

There’s no host. Instead, participants show up, check in on their phones with a physical descriptor (ex: Ben – white shirt, black jeans, denim jacket and brown hair), and await their first date notification. Using these clues, singles get to participate in a flirty scavenger hunt to find their dates, with which they then have 10 minutes for a short and sweet encounter. After 6-8 dates, participants select their matches and wait until the next morning for the results.

No swiping, no wasting a full evening on a dud app date, and no awkward fumbling to ask for a phone number.

Events are hosted at handpicked cozy venues— from local breweries, tea bars and charming coffee shops — all designed to facilitate meaningful conversations in a relaxed setting.

Whether you’re a career professional, single parent, or someone open to or preferring no kids, our themed events cater to all life choices, ensuring you meet people who truly match your lifestyle and values.

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