Lottie & Zula’s Open for Takeout & Delivery in NE Portland | Canned Cocktails To-go, Classic Southern New England Style Deli, Grinders, Sandwiches & More!

Lottie & Zula’s
Tuesday – Saturday 8am–4pm
Breakfast all Day | Lunch at 10:30am
More info: lottieandzulas.com

Location: 120-A NE Russell Street, Portland, OR 97212

Lottie & Zula’s is a classic Southern New England-style deli with grinders, submarine, and sliced-bread sandwiches, soup, salads, daily specials, and an extensive beverage selection for take-out and delivery in the NE Eliot neighborhood.  Breakfast sandwiches and coffee are served all day, lunch sandos, house canned cocktails, sodas, and juices named after infamous juicers are available for pick-up and delivery 8 a.m.-4 p.m. Tuesday through Saturday.

No-fuss, low- and full-proof beverages ready to pop and serve

Lottie & Zula’s deli introduces hand-crafted Aprés House Canned Cocktails composed of quality local ingredients served in cans that work as both shaker tin and imbibing container all in one. Created by Erica Namare, the Aprés House Canned Cocktails require no tools, fussy instructions, or assembly.

Three hot boozy beverages are on the Aprés menu: Cape Codmother, Hot Tub Time Machine, and the Duck Butter Whiskey Toddy. Each is served at an optimal 140 degrees (hot, not scalding), perfect for warming hands, bellies, and hearts on a cold winter day.

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