Experience Theatre Project Presents Queen’s Feast Return of the Monarch @ The Butler Barn | An Interactive Tudor Feast of Intrigue

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Queen’s Feast

June 8, 2024
6-10PM | All Ages
Starts at $36
More info: experiencetheatreproject.org

Butler Barn
22242 SW Scholls Ferry Rd, Beaverton

The Queen’s Feast is an interactive dining experience where guests can feel a part of a traditional Tudor feast with just a little dash of intrigue for the invited guests… are you a loyalist or a rebel?

​Join us as we celebrate the amazing Queen Elizabeth I, preparing for her speech to the troops in Tilbury who are preparing to defend England from the Spanish Armada. Throughout the dinner, courses are presented theatrically, accompanied by a traditional madrigal song performed by a quartet of singers. Special guests like William Shakespeare and the Chamberlain’s Men will perform his works in progress, a charming Renaissance band will strum away beautiful music of the time, and other exciting acts will take place for the pleasure of the court. But little do they know a sinister plot to unthrone the Queen is at hand. Will you help in the unseating or stand guard to protect the Crown?

​Dining and non-dining options available



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