Escapism Portland Presents Funky Laboratory Escape Room | Find Out What Happened to Dr. Zylchov & His Cats

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Escapism Portland’s Funky Laboratory
Open Daily
10AM-8:30PM | Starts at $90
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Escapism Portland
10340 NE Weidler, Portland, OR 97220

Dr. Zylchov was once a world-famous scientist, known for working on top secret projects in the 1970s. Today, his old laboratories have been cleared of radiation and torn down, and it’s been years since anyone has seen the doctor.

However, recently there have been reports in East Portland of an odd man in a lab coat walking his cats, and strange smells and lights coming from a nearby building. Could it be Dr. Z? The only things known for sure are that Dr. Z has a history of risky experiments, never moved on from the 70s, and loves his cats dearly. Your mission is to enter Dr. Z’s far-out apartment and find the truth!

This room is entirely new and different from our previous room, Dr. Zylchov’s laboratory.



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