Ben & Esther’s Bagels Open for Takeout in NE Portland | Bagels, Schmear, Sandwiches, Matzo Ball Soup, Knishes, Kugel & more!

Ben & Esther’s Bagels
Daily 9am-1pm
Staring July 4 7am-3pm
More info:

Location: 6912 NE Sandy Blvd, Portland

Ben & Esther’s Bagels NE Sandy Blvd. location has a limited take-out menu that includes coffee, more bagel flavors (plain, everything, sesame, poppy and onion), more schmear flavors (plain, veggie, jalapeño and honey almond) and knishes.

You can also enjoy matzo ball soup, knishes, kugel, & coffee!

Starting July 4th:

Ben & Esther’s will be returning to regular hours, 7am-3pm daily!

They’ll be bringing back most of our regular menu:

  • all bagel and schmear varieties
  • sandwiches (lox, whitefish, egg/cheese/bacon, tuna, egg salad, turkey)
  • noodle kugel
  • knishes (potato or spinach)
  • rugelach, hamentashen and black & whites
  • coffee
  • pickles

Still doing the DIY matzo ball soup kit for 4 people, too!
And they’ve got outdoor seating with social distance!

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