April Wine Classes @ Ora Et Labora Wine Shop | Wine For Newbies, Alpine Wines, Noble Italian Reds, First Friday & More!

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Ora Et Labora Wine Shop April Wine Classes

More info: oraetlabora.wine

Ora Et Labora Wine Shop
3928 N Williams Avenue, Portland, Oregon

Need a date night? A new hobby? Something to break the monotony of the work week? Ora Et Labora Wine Shop’s classes are dialing down the pretension and judgmentalism, and leaning into the fun of tasting wines and learning about how they came to be.

April Highlights:

  • 4/5 April First Friday: Castello di Verduno Tasting
    Kai Valade of Estelle Imports will be leading a tasting through eight Verduno wines.
  • 4/10 Wine for Newbies
    Join us for an introduction to the basics of wine.
  • 4/17 Noble Italian Reds
    Over the past few hundred years, several red varietals have risen to prominence as the “noble” grapes of Italy. This class will be an exploration of these wines, as well as the histories that gave rise to their prominence.
  • 4/24 Alpine Wines with Aric of Archetyp
    Join Aric Wood, the founder of Archetyp Wines, a local importer and distributor focused exclusively on wines made from Alpine regions across Italy, Austria, Germany, France, and Switzerland.
  • 4/27 Close Contact with Skin Contact
    We’ll be diving into the whole spectrum of skin contact wines, from the hyper-traditional to the new-fangled experimental, and discussing vinification techniques for each wine in our flight before getting into a guided tasting.



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