2024 UFO Fest @ Hotel Oregon | Featuring Former Navy Pilot Ryan Graves, Experts, Experiencers, Costume Contest, Parade & More

From our sponsors:
UFO Fest
May 17 & 18, 2024
All Ages
More info: ufofest.com

McMenamins Hotel Oregon
310 NE Evans Street, McMinnville, OR 97128

The 24th annual UFO Festival lands at Hotel Oregon on the eve of May 17, bringing experts, experiencers and a cosmos of fun!

On the serious side, skeptics and believers alike are invited to speaker presentations in the McMinnville Community Center, and this year’s lineup is outstanding: former Navy pilot and UAP witness Ryan Graves speaks about his experiences; Pulitzer Prize finalist, journalist and author Garrett M. Graff addresses the myths and realities of the government’s quest to understand UFOs; and Roderick Martin unmasks a UFO taboo with “Project B.L.A.C.K. and the Hidden Truths.” Plus, ufologists discuss the mysterious 1948 Aztec, New Mexico flying saucer and the chances of non-human intelligence among us and answer audience questions during the speaker panel.

party kicks off the lighter side of the weekend, and it’s all fun from there: live music, street fair, costume contests for people and pets, Alienator IPA, and much more – and most of it is free!



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