2024 Cruise to Astoria on the Portland Spirit | Retrace the Route of Lewis & Clark, Spring & Fall

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Cruise to Astoria on the Portland Spirit
May 15, 2024
October 9, 2024
Starts at $224
More info: portlandspirit.com

We’re excited to announce that the highly anticipated all-day cruise to Astoria is back! The broad waters of the Columbia River will carry you through the forest covered coastal range to the vibrant harbor of Astoria, Oregon’s oldest city. Join us for an adventure filled day retracing the route of Lewis & Clark.

What’s Included

  • All-day cruise to Astoria
  • Live historical narration by acclaimed Dr. Stephen Dow Beckman
  • Continental breakfast
  • Plated lunch
  • Dessert
  • Coffee, hot tea & fountain sodas
  • Soup & hearty evening snack
  • Motorcoach transportation back to Portland
  • Complimentary parking at our Caruthers Landing Dock
  • Service gratuity




  1. Christina on September 16, 2022 at 4:47 pm

    Hi there, I just got 90 days clean after being homeless and could use a bit of good old fashioned fun. I also submitted for the Wallflowers, but this would be even better since it’s getting out of the city. Thanks !

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