2021 Portland Mercury’s Pizza Week | Featuring 24 Different Pizzas From 30 Restaurants

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Portland Pizza Week
April 19-25, 2021
More info: portlandmercury.com

From April 19-25, the Portland Mercury’s Pizza Week will make its long-awaited return, giving pizza-loving Mercury readers the chance to get special slices from some of Portland’s finest purveyors of pizza pies… for a mere two dollars each! That’s right: Each slice is just TWO MEASLY DOLLARS or, at participating venues, a WHOLE PIE for $16. (You heard correctly: This year certain Pizza Week participants may be offering $16 whole pies along with slices, or just whole pies alone. Be sure to check our Pizza Week locations to see who is offering what!)

The Portland Mercury is proud to present their greatest Pizza Week lineup ever—one that features 24 different pizzas at 30 Portland locations, available across the city and lovingly crafted by your favorite pizza masterminds.

See a handy list and map at portlandmercury.com.



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