2020 Portland Adult Soapbox Derby Live Stream | All Ages Shoebox Derby

SoapBox Derby is going BIG with a small track for 2020! We’re introducing a new kind of race, the PDX All-Ages Shoebox Derby. Tune in August 15, 2020, from 1-5PM.


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Portland Adult Soapbox Derby
August 15, 2020
More info:

Portland Adult Soapbox Derby will roll on, though it will look a little different than the derby of past years.This year instead of heading to the mountain, PASD volunteers are building their own Tabletop Tabor, a mini-mountain model of epic proportions. Teams are invited to register and then build their original model cars at home to be delivered to Derby Central Office before race day.

The shenanigans on our virtual volcano will be live-streamed on August 15th, 2020 to the whole world! Race day will include footage from past races, live racer interviews, a live video ‘Pits’ and lots of other live opportunities for the audience to interact and vote for their favorite cars. In lieu of food carts there will be race day food and drink specials available for pickup and delivery throughout Portland. This year PASD is also partnering with Weird Portland United so it is guaranteed to be a day packed with entertainment for everyone.

For 20 plus years local sponsors have supported this race and helped to augment the many costs associated with putting on the derby, this year the organizers have decided to give back to those businesses. Proceeds from the race will be distributed among past sponsors.

This year the track will be built by derby volunteers to a height of 15 feet with all the same curves, straight aways, and excitement found on the full size track. This year’s race, held on August 15, 2020 from 11am-1pm, marks the 23rd running of this seminal Portland event. Keep watch for more event details including rules, specs on car size and weight and other important information.



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