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Our Reader Survey: We conducted a reader survey on PDX Pipeline in August, 2012. Over 1,200 people finished the survey and here are the results:

  • Age: 98% of our readers are 21 and over. Our Facebook demographics are similar numbers. You can view those here.
  • Location: 90% of readers live in the Portland metro area (including Beaverton, Vancouver, Lake O, Gresham, etc).
  • Gender: 67% of our readers are female, and 32% are male. Our Facebook demographics are 60% female and 37% male (view here)
  • Kid-Friendly: Nearly 30% of our readers have children.
  • Education: Over 60% of our readers have higher education degree, and over 95% have at least some college.*
  • Income: Over 75% of our readers have a household income over $25,000, and over 45% of our readers have a household income over $50,000.**
  • Social Media & Smart Phone: Over 75% of our readers have a smart phone, over 50% have a twitter account (@pdxpipeline) and over 90% have a Facebook account (
  • Event Attendance: Over 80% of readers attend events at least a couple times a month, and over 35% attend events at least once a week.
  • Live Theater & Dance: Nearly 40% have attended live theater in the last year & over 35% have attended other types of live performances such as dance or storytelling in the last year.
  • Concerts & Music Festivals: 75% of our readers have attended a concert in the last year, and 40% have attended a music festival.
  • Movies: Over 90% of PDX Pipeline readers have attended a movie in the last year.
  • Bars: 80% of our readers drink at bars at least a couple times a month, and over 50% of readers drink in bars at least once a week.
  • Eating Out and Food Festivals: 80% of our readers eat out weekly, and over 40% eat out multiple times weekly, 70% of readers have gone to fine dining ($20+ per person) in the last year, 58% of readers have attended a food festival in the last year, over 80% of readers have attended a farmers market in the last year.
  • Sports: Over 50% of our readers have watched a sporting event in a bar in the last year, over 30% of our readers have attended a Blazers game, and over 25% have attended a Timbers game.
  • Wine: 48% of readers have attended a wine festival or event in the last year.
  • Fashion Shows & Sales: Over 20% of our readers have attended a fashion show or fashion sale in the last year.
  • Comedy: Over 40% of readers have attended a comedy show in the last year.
  • First & Last Thursday: Over 30% of readers have attended First Thursday in the last year, and over 35% have attended Last Thursday.


Roughly 80% of Portland residents live on the Eastside (PortlandOnline).


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