PDX Pipeline has worked with hundreds of Portland companies to help them promote their events, job openings, music and art venues, theaters, restaurants, bars, store launches, and more. With our site traffic and large social media campaigns, we are uniquely able to reach every demographic spending money on entertainment in the Portland area.

Here are referrals from PDX Pipeline clients :


Peterson Media

Nathalie Weinstein and her team at PDX Pipeline are fantastic to work with. She and her team have come up with outstanding digital media solutions that meet our clients’ needs. Many of our clients are ticketed events, and PDX Pipeline has numerous options to increase exposure with memorable consistency, and all are cost effective as well.

Leslie Peterson


Goodfoot Pub & Lounge

We at the Goodfoot Pub and Lounge have been very happy to partner with PDX Pipeline. They’ve been effective at bringing attention to our events (from art openings to concerts) and have most definitely helped introduce many new people to our venue.  They are quick to help, offer advice and make sure that we’re satisfied in every aspect. Highly recommended.

Neil Leeborg
Owner/Talent Buyer


Roseland Theater / DoubleTee Concerts

We at the Roseland Theater and Double Tee Concerts have been very happy with our continuing relationship with PDX Pipeline. The Facebook and Twitter ticket giveaways and posts have proven effective in promoting shows online, especially shows that involve internet sensation bands which can be hard to market via print/radio and which seem to be in abundance these days.

PDX Pipeline has also stepped up when we needed it most at the last minute to help get the word out about a new development involving a show or to help fill the house if a show is suffering.  So it’s nice to work w/somebody who is willing to lend a helping hand in a time of need in return for our business.

Haytham Abdulhadi
Talent Buyer


Land PDXLand Gallery

We’re not your average art gallery, and our art openings aren’t your average wine-and-cheese affairs. We think art should be accessible and built for the people; so when we went to look to spread the word about our free openings to attract your less-than-usual art opening crowd, we thought PDX Pipeline would be the perfect fit.

In a town with so much to do every night of the week, it’s great to have a resource like PDX Pipeline to help promote the cause. They’ve been extremely helpful at listing and highlighting our events and bringing folks into the gallery who’d normally never go to an opening. I’m always surprised by how many people tell us they saw our listing “on PDX Pipeline.”

Pat Castaldo


Portland Saturday Market

Portland Saturday Market and PDX Pipeline have been in cahoots since May 2010. Unquestionably the best place in town for events, PDX Pipeline has their finger on the pulse of Portland. It only made since for PSM to join forces with the Pipeline and reach the broad base customers that we are constantly trying to reach in the go-go world of marketing.

PSM has a large presence in Portland, but as a small business we were able to drive more traffic to our website utilizing the Pipeline.  More importantly that the increase in traffic to our website was the customer comments we collected engaging the Pipeline followers with several different giveaways.

Julian is a mastermind in the field of internet marketing and social media, constantly creating a buzz that is very infectious. It is a pleasure working with him and his team at PDX Pipeline.

Reid Decker
Marketing Manager



For the last few years, PDXPipeline has assisted SEMpdx in promoting SearchFest, our yearly Search Marketing conference.  We’ve found that our yearly PDXPipeline Promotion has generated significant local interest in our event.  Many people who follow PDXPipeline to keep abreast of Portland’s social and cultural scene also happen to be local technology professionals who are our target audience for event ticket sales.  We strongly recommend PDXPipeline to any organization looking to promote a tech focused event in Portland.

Todd Mintz
Board of directors


Portland Spirit

PDX Pipeline is consistently our best referral source. They go above and beyond to create authentic engagement with their followers. They are always there for us with ideas and collaboration whenever we need to promote something new. If you are looking for a great way to sell more tickets look no further than PDX Pipeline.

Aaron Greene
Marketing Director

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