Free Listing Guidelines

Free Event Listing Guidelines
PDX Pipeline uses only paid staff to list and promote events. We do not have unpaid interns or automated systems. While this makes the process more expensive and labor intensive for us to list and promote events, we believe in paying fair wages and a higher quality of work than automated systems deliver. We are also a marketing and promotion company, not media, and we don’t write editorials, music reviews, product reviews, kickstarter campaigns, etc.

We do believe in giving back to our community and making Pipeline a great resource for its readers, so we also donate thousands of hours a year of paid company time to list events that meet our free guidelines. We receive many requests for free event listings from organizations in Portland and beyond. We appreciate you thinking of us as a valuable resource to promote your events, but please respect that we do give a lot of time back (listing events, sitting on boards, participating in community programs to help NGOs) and have become a great resource by using good local people and paying them. This means we have our operating costs as well. Unfortunately, we must decline many requests due to limited time and resources. You can guarantee listing and promotion (social media/newsletter) by purchasing.



We do not list events outside of Portland, and we can only offer free event listings to nonprofits located within our city limits.

Most events have expenses and sometimes that requires charging event attendees a fee or suggesting a donation amount. PDX Pipeline also has expenses to cover. If your event is free, we are happy to waive our listing fee, but when you recoup your expenses, it becomes necessary for us to recoup our expenses.

If the event is a sale, retail, “money-changing hands” event, it does not qualify.

Portland businesses oftentimes support local causes through donations of space, products, time and money. However, these event partnerships are strategic because they create good public relations, brand awareness and, consequently, more business for the sponsor. In an effort to be fair to everyoneourselves includedwe felt it necessary to draw a line between events hosted by nonprofits without any business sponsors, and those events hosted for them by business sponsors.

We are a small company with limited resources. We do our best to list hundreds of single events every year that meet our requirements, but we do not have the resources or manpower to list events that repeat weekly/monthly. If the event is annual or bi-annual, please submit it, but listing events that repeat often means that we cannot add others to our list. This includes universities with multiple lectures. We appreciate universities and we have spent much of our money and time to support and attend them. However, we do not have the resources to add the many great events that happen on campuses all over this city, and there are several outlets inside the university structure where these listings already exists.

If your event meets these guidelines, email [email protected] with event details and we’ll do our best to post your event to our calendar in a timely manner.

If your event does not meet these guidelines (has a cost, affiliated with a business, etc), you can email [email protected]  a pres release and we will give you rates to post it.


Please do not comment on this page. These are guidelines. Please email us any questions.


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