ShanRock’s Triviology Presents 2023 Oscar Trivia & Viewing Party @ The EastBurn Public House | Prizes

From our sponsors:
Oscar Trivia & Viewing Party
March 12, 2023
$5 per team; max team size = 5
2:30PM Tap Room doors open!
3PM Oscar quiz begins!
5PM Academy Awards showtime!
More info:

The EastBurn Public House
1800 E. Burnside, Portland, OR

It’s Oscar time again…HUZZAH! Come for the quizzery, stay for the show. The trivia should be over when the hot dog hand marks 4:30, so that gives us time to gawk at the red carpet for a while before the awards begin. There will be a heavy focus on the current nominees, but all eras of the Oscars will be fair game. No donkeys will be harmed in the making of this quizzery!



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