Area 51 Encounter @ Fox Tower in Downtown Portland | See Original Alien Artifacts, Tour Alien Planets, VR Experience & More!

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Area 51 Encounter
Opens July 3, 2024
Sunday – Thursday 11AM-7PM
Friday – Saturday 10AM-8PM
More info:

Fox Tower
710 SW Yamhill Street, Portland, OR 97205

Prepare to surround yourself with the history and mysteries of non-human visitors to our planet. More than just an exhibit, Area 51 Encounter is designed to pique the interest and curiosities of earthlings of all ages and taps into Portland’s fascination with extraterrestrial life, offering a unique experience for the residents of Oregon.

Guests will grab their boarding passes and launch themselves into seven galleries, bringing them face-to-face with original and reproduced alien artifacts while they explore everything from fastwalkers to foo fighters, modern-day sightings, military involvement, life on an alien spacecraft, and pop culture’s fascination with extraterrestrial life.

The journey continues with interactive elements including video and audio recordings of famous sightings, a 3D short film, the alien hunter laser game, and discover and tour habitable Alien planets. A virtual reality station gives younger lifeforms in attendance the chance to search for alien life. All included with the price of admission.

Area 51 Encounter is perfect for fans of everything outer space, ufologists, skeptics and anyone with a curiosity about the unknown.



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