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Portland in the News: No Pants MAX Ride; Mind Altering Video Games; & The Seedy 90s | January 11, 2018

Portland train riders kept the dream of No Pants MAX ride alive on Sunday. Dozens of people turned out Sunday to ride pants-less. Portland Timbers have announced their 2018 season schedule. Here are 10 games not to miss. And Portland’s groundbreaking ban on Fossil Fuel infrastructure lives another day after an appeals court finds it […]

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Portland in the News: How the Heck Do You Pump Gas?; Martini Light; & Oregon Ranks High as a Relocation Destination | January 4, 2018

It’s the dawning of a new era – Oregonians can now pump their own gas, (in some places). Portland’s unique Martini Light is back. After a brief hiatus while a new house was being built, the new owners have kept the holiday tradition alive. And for the 5th year in a row, Oregon has ranked […]

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Portland in the News: Expanding Providence Park; “Ben Franklin’s Song,” Vera’s Love of Art & More! | December 21, 2017

Lin-Manuel Miranda has teamed up with Portland band Decemberists to record “Ben Franklin’s Song” for the first HAMILDROP. Portland’s art scene owes a lot to Vera Katz – who worked art to make sure art was part of Portland’s identity. And the City Council on Wednesday gave the Timbers the green light to expand Providence […]

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Portland in the News: Oregon’s 12 Most Endangered Spaces; The Woody Future of Skyscrapers; UFO Over Oregon? & More! | November 16, 2017

If you’re thinking of selling your home next year, plan ahead & maybe update your insulation: A new ordinance requires sellers to get a Home Energy Score before listing. The verdict is still out about the strange aircraft flying over Oregon this week. Could be UFOs or maybe spies? ADUs appear to be the builds […]

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Portland in the News: Top Place to Avoid Natural Disasters, Cycle Track Near OMSI, Another Crazy Winter Coming? | November 2, 2017

If you’re looking to avoid natural disasters, you’ve come to the right place. BestPlaces has ranked the Portland Metro area as the safest place in the U.S. Forbes says Portland is America’s 5th coolest city. And meteorologist are predicting a less severe winter than last years record breaker; but that still means 3-5 weather events […]

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Portland in the News: I,Tonya; Art of Curling; Pickles Join The West Coast League; Fake Andy Warhol & more! | October 26, 2017

Oregon is pioneering the future of retirement savings. This month, the state launched a state-sponsored retirement savings plan. If you know where to look, you can find almost any Asian cooking ingredient in the Portland area. And the knee whack heard around the world is back! Filmmakers released the first trailer for “I, Tonya.”

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Portland in the News: Saving Movie Madness, Bridges Ranked, Indigenous People’s Day & More! | October 12, 2017

Watch your speedometer near red-light camera intersections: In Oregon, those cameras can now ticket drivers for speeding. A group of Portlanders want to save a slice of Portland film history with “Save Movie Madness,” a kickstarter aimed at purchasing the collection from one of the city’s last great video rental stores. And despite being on […]

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Portland in the News: Farewell to Portland’s Mounted Patrol, Award-Winning IPAs, Celebrating 2 Years of Legal Pot & More! | July 6, 2017

Portland’s police horses will no longer be a familiar sight in the Rose City after their funding wasn’t renewed. This was their last week of operation. Six Oregon IPAs have been ranked among America’s 50 Best according to Draft Magazine. And contrary to popular belief, Oregon economists believe most of the new people moving to […]

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Portland in the News: Committing to Renewables, The Smutty 70s, Urban Density & More! | April 13, 2017

The Oregonian reminds of how Portland got here with a romp through 1970s Portland, including disco, a budding liberalism and Portlanders’ increasing fancy for smut. Joining 25 other cities, Portland leaders have committed to 100% renewable energy. We’re already on track: Portland has the 17th highest amount of solar panels in stalled among US cities.

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Portland in the News: Blazers Worth $1.05B, Mount Hood Eruption Simulation, Is PDX Ready for the NHL & More! | February 16, 2017

Forbes has valued the Portland Trail Blazers at $1.05B – a relative bargain compared to the New York Knicks ($3.3B) and Los Angeles Lakers ($3B). And sure it’s pretty, but most forget that Mount Hood is an active volcano that could erupt in your lifetime. Check out this video simulation complete with beeped profanity. Here’s […]

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Mr Dude

Portland in the News: Mr. Dude, Aggressive Owls, and Where Weird Really Came From | September 29, 2016

Have you met Mr. Dude? He’s Portland’s mascot in Japan. Check out this fanciful video full of dancing ice cream, donuts and rainbows about Odnarotoop (Portland pronounced backward). If you’re heading to Forest Park, watch our head! An aggressive barred owl has been dive-boming joggers. And that data backs it up, Portland is a place […]

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Portland in the News: We're Well-Read & Fit & Getting Rich Off Weed, + The Pug Awakens | May 26, 2016

Portland in the News: We’re Well-Read & Fit & Getting Rich Off Weed, + The Pug Awakens | May 26, 2016

First of all, Star Wars: The Pug Awakens. You’re welcome. Oregon’s Marijuana market is the 2016 equivalent of a gold rush. Legalization has created more than 2,000 jobs with nearly $46 million in payroll. (Comparatively, alcohol employs 1,450 and paid $28 million.) Portland is America’s second most well-read city, behind Seattle. And the American Fitness […]

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