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Portland in the News: No Pants MAX Ride; Mind Altering Video Games; & The Seedy 90s | January 11, 2018

Portland train riders kept the dream of No Pants MAX ride alive on Sunday. Dozens of people turned out Sunday to ride pants-less. Portland Timbers have announced their 2018 season schedule. Here are 10 games not to miss. And Portland’s groundbreaking ban on Fossil Fuel infrastructure lives another day after an appeals court finds it […]

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Portland in the News: How the Heck Do You Pump Gas?; Martini Light; & Oregon Ranks High as a Relocation Destination | January 4, 2018

It’s the dawning of a new era – Oregonians can now pump their own gas, (in some places). Portland’s unique Martini Light is back. After a brief hiatus while a new house was being built, the new owners have kept the holiday tradition alive. And for the 5th year in a row, Oregon has ranked […]

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Portland in the News: Christmas Tree Shortage; The Last Dance @ Embers; & Vancouver Named Most Hip | November 20, 2017

Step aside Portland. In a recent analysis, MoveHunb named Vancouver, WA, the most hipster city in America. Portland came in at No. 12. If you’re planning to get a Christmas tree, you’d better get it soon. There’s shortage this year. And Thursday is the last night of a Portland institution. After 50 years, Embers Dance […]

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Portland in the News: Pioneering Drive-Thru Coffee; Snuggle Express; Another Snowy Winter? | November 9, 2017

Portland had one of the first drive-thru coffee shops. Portlanders can get cuddles on demand w/ Snuggle Express. Schedule your puppy & kitten visits through Oregon Humane Society. And Portland is moving forward with plans to redevelop the Downtown Post Office land. The city is accepting applications for plans to improve the land.

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Portland in the News: Top Place to Avoid Natural Disasters, Cycle Track Near OMSI, Another Crazy Winter Coming? | November 2, 2017

If you’re looking to avoid natural disasters, you’ve come to the right place. BestPlaces has ranked the Portland Metro area as the safest place in the U.S. Forbes says Portland is America’s 5th coolest city. And meteorologist are predicting a less severe winter than last years record breaker; but that still means 3-5 weather events […]

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Portland in the News: Saving Movie Madness, Bridges Ranked, Indigenous People’s Day & More! | October 12, 2017

Watch your speedometer near red-light camera intersections: In Oregon, those cameras can now ticket drivers for speeding. A group of Portlanders want to save a slice of Portland film history with “Save Movie Madness,” a kickstarter aimed at purchasing the collection from one of the city’s last great video rental stores. And despite being on […]

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Portland in the News: Is Sandy the Next Hawthorne?, Could Portland Host Amazon?, & Lillard on the Late Late Show! | September 14, 2017

Damian Lillard was a pretty good sport during a recent interview on The Late Late Show w/ James Corden + Super Fan Ian Karmel. According to United Van Lines, Portland was the top 3 destination for people moving this summer. And the New York Times played a little game of elimination for where Amazon’s next […]

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Portland in the News: Central City Growth Plan, Jantzen Beach Carousel, PDX Airport Ice Cream | September 7, 2017

Straw has created a limited edition ice cream flavor for Portland Airport. It captures “Portland’s beautifully rainy, gorgeous scenery into a scoop.” City Council has decided a tiny 3% piece of the city should absorb 30% of all growth between now and 2035. And the Jantzen Beach carousel is looking for a new home.

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Portland in the News: New Swimming Beach, Making the Most of August’s Eclipse, Urban Beekeeping & More!

Although Portland will be outside the path of totality, the Rose City will see 99 percent of the sun covered during the August eclipse. Portland has opened a new swimming beach downtown, complete with lifeguards and life jacket available. And despite a nationwide bee decline, urban bee keeping is blossoming in the Rose City.

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Portland in the News: Farewell to Portland’s Mounted Patrol, Award-Winning IPAs, Celebrating 2 Years of Legal Pot & More! | July 6, 2017

Portland’s police horses will no longer be a familiar sight in the Rose City after their funding wasn’t renewed. This was their last week of operation. Six Oregon IPAs have been ranked among America’s 50 Best according to Draft Magazine. And contrary to popular belief, Oregon economists believe most of the new people moving to […]

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Portland in the News: Climate Commitment, Mt. Tabor Soaking Pools, Oregon’s 25 Biggest Brewers & more! | June 8, 2017

Joining several western states, Oregon Governor Kate Brown has committed that Oregon will continue the path of the Paris Accord. Graduate students at PSU are proposing turning Mt. Tabor Parks water reservoirs into a small geothermal plant that could include soaking pools. And Oregon Congressman Earl Blumenauer believes the time is good in Oregon to […]

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Portland in the News: Committing to Renewables, The Smutty 70s, Urban Density & More! | April 13, 2017

The Oregonian reminds of how Portland got here with a romp through 1970s Portland, including disco, a budding liberalism and Portlanders’ increasing fancy for smut. Joining 25 other cities, Portland leaders have committed to 100% renewable energy. We’re already on track: Portland has the 17th highest amount of solar panels in stalled among US cities.

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Portland in the News: Anarchists Fix Potholes, Ghost Towns & Shipwrecks, & Get Ready for Lots of Summer Construction! | March 16, 2017

According to Thrillist, Oregon ekes out Colorado for America’s booziest state. With that sort of consumption, it just makes sense that job growth in the booze industry would need to grow to keep pace. Portland‘s potholes have gotten so bad, even anarchists are stepping up to help. Here’s a roundup of the goings-on in Portland […]

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