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Learn the Sport of Curling!

Win Tickets ($60): Learn the Sport of Curling! @ Evergreen Curling Club | Learn How to Sweep Stones, All Ages

October 7, 14 & November 4 @ Evergreen Curing Club – You may have seen Curling Night in America, or perhaps you caught a bit during the last winter Olympics, but have you tried curling? Evergreen Curling Club in Beaverton offers a 2-hour curling lesson that will get you sweeping, “throwing stones” and explain what […]

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Win Tickets ($50): Learn the Sport of Curling! @ Evergreen Curing Club | One Hour Lesson, Play a Game, No Experience Necessary

October 5 @ Evergreen Curling Club – Learn the great Olympic sport of curling! In just under an hour you will learn the intricacies of delivery, sweeping and yelling like a crazy person. Then you’ll play an end or two of a game to hone your new skills in this introductory lesson. Check our October […]

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