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Portland in the News: ‘Bird Dropping’, Bridge Designs & On-Screen Scandals | September 13, 2018

Because we can’t have nice things, a new trend called ‘bird dropping’ has popped up alongside the city’s new fleet of e-scooters. It involves (you guessed it) dropping the scooters off bridges, throwing them into dumpsters, etc (there are currently 17 in the Willamette as of this week, according to the article). Speaking of things […]

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Portland's growing Twitter community in the Oregonian

Today (well last night), the Oregonian/Oregonlive put up Steve Woodward's article (Twitter is Tweeter) covering the Portland Twitter community. There is also a video at Backspace with three of Portland's active twitterers. Steve listed several people you might want to “follow” (read article to understand this). You can follow our Portland Twitter account as well. […]

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The Oregonian on Indie Music and me trying to be smart...

The Oregonian on Indie Music and me trying to be smart…

Sent over from Dave Allen/Pampelmoose.com 'Indie': rockin' the lingo Friday, January 25, 2008 “With indie rock topping the charts, showing up on critics' best-of lists and generally becoming mainstream, the definition of “indie” has become a larger question in music circles. We asked a few folks in the Portland music scene what, exactly, makes “indie” […]

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