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cupid is stupid

Cupid is Stupid: A Black + Grey Dance Party @ Ladd Taphouse | A FREE Anti-Valentines Day Dance Party, 80s Electro Punk

February 14 @ Ladd Taphouse – Dust off your black heart and come celebrate like the true emotional messes we are! Everyone else will be drinking wine and eating Roasted Duck, we will be tossing back delicious wobbly pops and dancing our butts off to 80’s, electro, punk and everything in between!

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Anti Valentine's day  Party 2017

The Heartless Heathers Presents 2017 Portland Anti-Valentine’s Day Party @ AudioCinema | Classy Dance Party w/ DJ Agent Meow, Spanking Booth, Raffle & More!

February 11 @ AudioCinema – Whether you’re a hopelss romantic, a pining nihilist, or a misanthrope seeking companionship, the Heartless Heathers are here for you! Get down to AudioCinema on Saturday, February 11th for the ineffable 12th Annual ANTI-VALENTINES DAY PARTY!

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Anti Valentine's Party

The Heartless Heathers Presents 2016 Portland Anti Valentine’s Day @ AudioCinema LLC | Costume Contest, Drinks, Dance Party, DJ Agent Meow, Spanking Booth & More!

February 13 @ AudioCinema LLC – Get on the sweaty dance floor and work it out to sweet jams from DJ Agent Meow. Try your luck at the Wheel of Misfortune, the Anti-VD Cornhole and the Dildo Ring Toss! Work out your inner demons in the spanking booth, and don’t forget to talk shit about […]

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