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Step into magic.

Breathe the crisp air. Smell the flowers, the soil after welcomed rain. Listen to birds. Bathe in rays of sunshine. Get refreshed by a winter drizzle. A spring breeze. A summer sweetness.

Inhale and exhale full breaths of grounded serenity as your hands work the soil and you learn how to grow food.

Slow down and let this land soothe your body, mind, and spirit.

Meet new friends with smiling faces, or find your own quiet pace… there’s lots of space and everyone is welcome.


What will we be doing?

There’s lots to do at the farm! Some frequent tasks we work on are…

• Creating our food forest
• Removing “invasive” weeds
• Creating pathways and planting areas
• Building wood-berms for planting
• Cardboarding and woodchipping
• Planting
• Harvesting

We have gloves, shovels, rakes, wheelbarrows, and loppers available for volunteers to use!

We have tasks for all skill and physical ability levels and are happy to work with any challenges or limitations you may have!

** We generally ask all volunteers to arrive at the same start time, however, you can stay for however long you’d like! If you only have an hour to volunteer that’s ok too! If you do need to arrive later, you can still register, but please text us at (503) 558-5453 and let us know!


**What should you bring?**

• Water!
• Weather / outdoor appropriate, warm, comfortable clothing and shoes you don’t mind getting dirty. In the rainy season, the farm can be muddy, and sometimes it might also rain, so come prepared! Layers are great!
• We recommend closed-toed shoes and long sleeve shirts.
• Gardening gloves (though we have plenty at the farm if you don’t have any!)
• Knee pads for kneeling if needed (we have a few of these at the farm as well!)
• A snack if you’d like!
• Yourself, a family member, a friend! 🙂

**Is there a bathroom at the farm?**

The farm sits on 1.5 acres of donated land of a larger, private property. The owners have been kind enough to allow us to use one of the house bathrooms for the farm. Please take off your shoes when going in the house.


**What is Kindness Farm?**

Kindness Farm is the place you didn’t know you’ve been yearning for.

It’s a magical haven in SE Portland where you can spend time in peaceful nature and be your true, authentic self.

When you step on this land you forget you’re in the city, surrounded by trees, birds, goats, chickens, and endless plants and flowers.

It’s a place to center and ground, connect to yourself and other beautiful humans, while doing really amazing work to support your community.


Kindness Farm is a 501(c)3 nonprofit urban farm.

Our founder, staff, students, volunteers, and participants come from diverse backgrounds and include refugees, immigrants, queer and trans humans, BIPOC, neurodivergent humans, humans with disabilities, humans who currently or in the past have had a low income, unhoused humans, children, youth, and seniors…

At the farm we…

• Focus on working with demographic groups who have been historically overlooked in getting the resources they need
• Teach fellow humans how to grow food using regenerative methods that nourish all of us, and the Earth, and create a hopeful future
• Donate all the produce we grow to hungry humans who can’t afford to buy food, let alone healthy, nutritious produce
• Create a safe, vibrant healing space for community (that includes you!) to build, grow, and flourish

In the last 2 years we’ve…

• Taught over 920 children, teens, adults, and seniors how to grow their own food. Together, we’ve remembered the power and autonomy of being connected to land.
• Donated healthy, beautiful produce for over 36,500 meals & 720 produce boxes that served 9,266 whole, beautiful humans
• Created a resilient community together with close to 12,000 volunteer hours. Join us! 🙂

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