Stay Healthy w/ Portland’s Newest Dinner Option: Snozberry Chef Services! | Convenient & Delicious Meals Made w/ Locally Sourced Ingredients

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Snozberry Chef ServicesSnozberry Chef Services

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What is Snozberry?

Snozberry is a local business that delivers five weekly-prepared dinners for your convenience and diet.

Why is Snozberry right for you?

It’s Fresh

  • Meals made with locally sourced ingredients
  • Packaged with BPA-free vacuum sealed bags that protect quality

It’s Convenient

  • Meals customized for your unique dietary requirements
  • Quick to reheat and delivered to your door when it’s best for your schedule

It’s Professional

  • Meals made by food handler certified and background checked chefs
  • Menu designed by Chef with over a decade of professional experience and eclectic knowledge of cuisines.