SE Portland Area Art Walk 2015 | FREE, 70 Artists, Hawthorne, Clinton, Division, Powell

If you ignore the weather, maybe you can feel spring right around the corner as the SE Portland Area Artwalk arrives this weekend. The art-walk showcases over 100 artists in the areas of Hawthorne, Clinton, Division, and Powell streets. Grab your umbrella, take pics of the first Cherry blossoms of the year, and know that spring is nearly here.

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From website:
SE Portland Area ArtWalkSE Portland Area Artwalk 2015
February 28-March 1, 2015
10 a.m. – 5 p.m. | Free | All Ages
More info: | Facebook

Southeast Portland Area
boundaries of SE 9th Ave to SE 41st and SE Powell to SE Hawthorne Blvd

The SE Area ARTWalk is a FREE, self-guided walking tour.  You will visit the studios, home workspaces, galleries, host homes and businesses within the walkable/bikeable/busable boundaries of SE 9th Ave, SE 41st,  SE Powell and SE Hawthorne Blvd.

Nearly 70 artists will provide a blaze of colors, shapes, textures, and visual stimuli. Artists show in their own creative space or are hosted by local residents and businesses allowing you to visit indoor locations.

HOW TO TAKE THE WALK: Arrive in the area, park, and enjoy the day in our neighborhood and commercial district!  This is a self-guided walking tour and each location is marked with signage (left) and a bright green star balloon. You can use your portable smart phone, tablet or other mobile device to access the free online map as you make your way around or you can print the map and the artist’s list from the event website before you head out for the walk. Our map area: *(approximate) distance walking blocks in our hood !!!! *(walking speed and rate may vary per individual)

  • East to West = 30+ minutes
  • North to South = 20+ minutes
  • Diagonal route = 45+ minutes

WHAT TO EXPECT: You will be able to talk with local artists, buy amazing items, and view an  array of locally-created work.  We have worked hard to enhance clusters of locations so the tour is walkable and/or bikeable. Public transportation is also encouraged and can be accessed through TriMet .


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