2012 Portland Zombie & Monster Pub Crawl | Halloween Costume Required, No Cover


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2nd Annual Zombie & Monster Pub Crawl
October 20, 2012 | 2PM-11:30PM

Start at Paddy’s Pub
65 Southwest Yamhill Street Portland, OR 97204
(503) 224-5626 | More info: http://bit.ly/Zombie-2012

Over 700+ Going to the 2nd Annual Zombie & Monster Pub Crawl.
The theme of 2012 ‘The Apocalyptic Rampage’

(Must be in costume to get in free / no cover & stick to map of bars / times.)

HOST: https://www.facebook.com/ZombieControlService

2011 EVENT VIDEO: http://youtu.be/kPSVcHS8esw

IDEAS: group themes, mobile graves, mutants, seven deadly sins, superheroes and villains, angels, cupids, heaven and hell, creepy-fied versions of characters of your favorite fairy tales, mad scientists, burn victims, road kill, rolling props, items to pass out, interactive games, smoke, dry ice, fire; be creative – plenty of time to design and make your own gore.

Niall’s Zombie Control Service will host; SLING A ZOMBIE. Participants that sign a waiver may enter at their own risk; those zombies will be WASTED. Don’t worry as you’re DEAD already bahahahhahhaaaa!!!

World’s largest twister presented by Screamvina Ghoul & (Unchained Girls), Pass the Brain, Squash Bowling, Gore Explore (stick your hand in if you dare), Thriller in the street, Candy Corn Relay Race, 20lbs of Count Chocula and Franken Berry Cereal Shots, + More

We have a special ‘BIG ZOMBIE CAKE’ to celebrate all those crawlers who have there birthdays for the month of October (have 500+ dead sing happy b day) made special by Bridgetown Cakes https://www.facebook.com/pages/Bridgetown-Cakes/231250038554

12PM – 3PM Paddy’s Bar & Grill (see event wall for pricing and effects)

2PM-Paddy’s Bar & Grill (Block Party + Sling a Zombie + Zombie Killer Vans)
3PM-Kelly’s Olympian, Rialto, Jack London Bar (DJ, Dancing, Pool, Squash Bowling)
4PM-Dante’s Keep Portland Photo, Twister Voodoo Photo, Candy Corn Relays
5PM-Dante’s Live MINI MARILYN MANSON + DJ + Dancing
6PM-Barrel Room (Private Party + Dueling Piano’s + DJ + Dancing + more)
7PM-Embers (Burlesque Show + Awards + DJ + Dancing + Cereal Shots)
9PM-STREET PARTY – Time Warp Street Dance + TOXIC ZOMBIE live band + DJ + Dancing + Awards (Berbati’s Pan, Card Room, Ted’s Bar, and street / picnic table area)

CHARITY / OMHOF.ORG: selling raffle tickets, as we’re giving away SWAG every 15 minutes, 100% of all monies collected go to OMHOF.org for music education in Oregon schools. In return, you’ll have chance/s to win cash gift certificates, donated prizes, and other amazing donated items from local businesses.

Blood is not enough. Make a corpse, bring props, mobile casket, borrow an arm or steal your roomies leg. All genres of death and mayhem interpretations of Zombies and/or Monsters are appreciated. We also like goodies to eat or items to pass out, fire, smoke, loud noises, and naughty or nice works. NO REAL GUNS OR REAL WEAPONS!!! (ORANGE TIPS A MUST).

Bloodiest / Best Make Up / Best Vintage / HollyDead Actors / Bride and/or Groom / Zombie Killer / Best Prop / Naughty & Nice / Disney / Superhero or Villain / Creepy Santa / Best Movie Monster / Dead Bunny / Fairy Dead Tale – more to come

The 40+ Zombie Wombies specialize in bar crawls, swag, zombie gore, crawls, and also graveyards, so don’t be a human, as this is free to attend with no covers. Bring something to RAISE the fun and thank the 40+ organizers who all worked hard to put this FREAK SHOW together.

Start up a ZOMB TOY WORKSHOP. You know the drill. Pass them out to ‘only’ adults and touristy looking folk. Get your photos with them!!

Zombie or Monster offer your new dead friend a nip of your ‘bloody Mary’. Zombies give gifts, so bring something to share! Ambitious Zombies & Monsters in the past have organized entire Day of the Dead marches, brought mobile stripper poles and portable karaoke and gotten Zombies limbs in a twist with a giant Twister game. Don’t just go to the bar. RAISE the bar.