Portland / Vancouver 2014 Riders to the Stars FREE Bike Ride | 18 Miles, Over-the-top Holiday / Christmas Lights, Free Blinkie to All Participants

From press release:
Riders to the StarsRiders to the Stars Bike Ride
December 20, 2014
4 p.m. | FREE
More info: Facebook

Portland IKEA
10280 N.E. Cascades Parkway

This ride goes up to Vancouver to pass by the cluster of over-the-top holiday light houses on the North side of the I-205 bridge. The highlight of the ride is RGB Stars – a street with the houses covered in thousands of stars containing red, green, and blue LEDs that can glow any color by varying the intensity of those independently-controlled light elements.

This highly-choreographed music/light show requires a half dozen computers to run everything. Everyone coming on the 18 mile ride gets a free RGB bike blinkee that blinks in multicolor patterns for the holidays or in plain white with all three LEDs on for use as a regular bike light.

Meet: 4 p.m., in the lobby of the IKEA Portland store (by the escalator with plenty of bike parking just outside the window). This is two blocks from the Cascades MAX Station, Stop ID 10574.
Bring: Hot tea, dark chocolate – if it’s cold and wet, wear quick-drying layers, avoid cotton
Cost: Free
Skills: Got any skills you can bring to the party?


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