2012 Portland Trek In The Park: Journey To Babel | Pictures, Video, Schedule, Cathedral Park


(Star) Trek In The Park, Woodlawn Park, Portland, Oregon
Trek In The Park | Photo by Erin Connolly

Portland’s very popular Trek in the Park series is back for 2012 and they have moved to the beautiful setting Cathedral Park in St Johns. This year’s episode is “Journey To Babel”. Below is the schedule, plot summary, history from years past. You can also see Trek in the Park pictures here and video here from years past.

UPDATE: 2013 Portland Trek In The Park Schedule, Pictures, & Video: The Trouble With Tribbles | Free, Cathedral Park


From Atomic Arts:
Trek In The Park: Journey To Babel
August 4-26, 2012 | Saturdays & Sundays 5PM | FREE

Cathedral Park
North Portland / St Johns
More info: http://www.atomic-arts.org/

About Atomic Arts’ Trek In The Park:

For the past three years, Atomic Arts has been delighting diverse crowds of theatergoers and Star Trek fans who pack the park hours before show time to experience the unique balance of earnest homage and theatrical creativity that is Trek in the Park. Since Atomic Arts’ first production of the Star Trek: The Original Series classic “Amok Time”, enthusiasm for the company’s “Five Year Mission” has spread beyond Portland and has even earned them a segment on IFC’s Portlandia.

Come August, fans will be treated to a veritable buffet of Portland geekery with this season’s episode, “Journey to Babel”. In it, a mysterious spacecraft stalks the Enterprise as it transports ambassadors from all across the galaxy to a vital political assembly, including Mr. Spock’s own estranged parents! When one of the ambassadors is found murdered, Spock’s ailing father is the prime suspect. Captain Kirk and his crew must then race to find the assassin, defeat the prowling ship and save Spock’s parental relationship before time runs out.

Returning this year is the long-standing and talented crew of actors that fans have grown to love, including Adam Rosko as James T. Kirk (and director of the show) and Jesse Graff as Mr. Spock. But this year, they will be joined by a cadre of Portland’s most gifted artists, writers and performers including Kaebel Hashitani of Sequential Arts (sequentialartgallery.com) and the pirates of PDXYar (pdxyar.org) portraying some rabble-rousing Andorians and Tellurites. In the roles of Mr. Spock’s parents, Atomic Arts is quite pleased to welcome the husband and wife team of Paul Guinan and Anina Bennet (bigredhair.com), adept multimedia artists best known for their work on the handsomely-designed Boilerplate and Frank Reade: Adventures in the Age of Invention.

Finally, due to the overwhelming response and attendance of the last 3 productions, Trek in the Park will, for the first time, be leaving their Woodlawn Park home for more spacious digs at Cathedral Park. “It couldn’t be just any larger park, it had to feel right and be right for the stories we’re trying to tell.” Says Rosko, “I’m really, really excited to see how the audience will react to how we’re using the amphitheater at Cathedral Park. Though it’s a larger space, we hope to make a show that draws people in and still feels intimate.”



About Journey To Babel (From Wikipedia):

On stardate 3842.3, the starship USS Enterprise, under the command of Captain James T. Kirk is transporting Federation ambassadors to the Babel Conference to discuss the admission to the Federation of the Coridan system. The system is a prime source of dilithium crystals but is also underpopulated and unprotected. Mining rights are disputed by many warring species who have strong reasons for keeping Coridan out of the Federation.

Ambassador Sarek from Vulcan boards with his human wife Amanda who Captain Kirk learns, to his surprise, are Mr. Spock’s parents. Kirk is also taken aback by how coldly Sarek views his own son, apparently because Spock chose to devote his life to Starfleet instead of Vulcan science, against Sarek’s wishes.

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