Portland St. Patrick’s Day 2016 @ The EastBurn | Mike’s Famous Corned Beef + Colcannon, Chervona

From our sponsors:
EastBurn Patrick's DaySt Patrick’s Day
March 17-19, 2016
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The EastBurn
1800 E Burnside St, Portland, OR 97214
(503) 236-2876 | More info: theeastburn.com

This year we thought we would step it up a bit and make St Patricks day a weekend long event! Kicking off the weekend on Thursday we have Chervona live at 9pm then Sky In The Road on Friday at 10pm and Zachary Kibbee on Saturday at 10pm! All of there info will be available on our website.

We have food and drinks specials going the whole weekend including brunch and Mike is making his famous corned beef and colcannon! We sold out last year before 7pm so we will be making way more this year. Happy St Patricks Day Portland let’s do this up right!