November 14: Only to Dream Opening Reception @ White Gallery | Exploring the Problem of Translation

From press release:
Only to Dream Opening Reception @ White GalleryOnly to Dream Opening Reception
November 14, 2013
5-8 p.m. | Free | All Ages
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White Gallery
PSU Smith Hall Rm. 289
1825 SW Broadway, Portland, OR 97217

Only To Dream is a video installation that explores the problem of translation. \ Language is not fluid, it is viscous: thick with the souls of a people. \ Under translation, language struggles to maintain meaning, as it is bent and contorted to meet the needs of accurate classification. \ Illustrating the data-bending that occurs to language with the onset of several generations of translation, Only To Dream appropriates the literary works of pre-Hispanic Nahua poets, as interpreted by Spanish; later by English speakers.

Michael Martínez is a Portland-based interdisciplinary artist originally from San Antonio, Texas. \ Utilizing creative writing and the visual language, Martínez explores the dynamic salience of racialized identity within contemporary US society. \ Martínez’s art praxis draws inspiration via the connection of personal/familial experience and complicity, to the larger socio political narrative of race in America. \ The intent of Martínez’s art praxis is to serve as a springboard for conversation, hoping to perpetuate the dialogical discussion of race, identity, and belonging. \ Martínez has received his Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Intermedia from the Pacific Northwest College of Art.

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