October 8: Oregon Days Of Culture Puppet Performances @ Walters Cultural Arts Center | Hillsboro, Free


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Tears of Joy presents Raven Steals the Sun and Stellaluna
October 8, 2011 – 2:15 pm
Cost: This Performance is a Public event and is Free.
More info: http://oregondaysofculture.org/ 

Walters Cultural Arts Center
527 E Main Hillsboro, OR 97123

Tears of Joy Puppet Theatre presents two imaginative puppet performances at Walters Cultural Arts Center.

2:15 ¬Å“Raven Steals the Sun¬Â

The world was dark and the other animals begged Raven to help them. He discovered that the chief had the sun, the moon and the stars shut up in a box in his lodge. Raven disguised himself as a baby-the grandson of the chief, and begged to play with the box. Once he had the box, Raven released the sun, moon and stars into the sky where they provide light to this day. Children will love the tantrums thrown by the raven-in-disguise baby in order to get what he wants. This Tlingit story from British Columbia also explains why ravens anre now black rather than white.

3:00 ¬Å“Stellaluna¬Â

Stellaluna, the enchanting story of a baby fruit bat who falls into a bird's nest, is adapted from the beloved book by Janell Cannon. Poor Stellaluna tries to adapt to her new home but finds herself the odd one out, hanging by her feet and disgusted by those bugs Mother Bird brings home to dinner.