October 6: The Future of Energy: Second Political Forum On Energy & Sustainability @ Bagdad Theater


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Elected Officials and Candidates Vie for "Green" Title at Future of Energy's Political Forum
Portland, OR— The Future of Energy is hosting their second Political Forum on Energy and Sustainability at the Bagdad Theater in Portland on October 6, 2010.  This forum will feature candi dates for local office and elected officials battling it out to answer game show-style questions covering issues in sustainability, energy efficiency, renewable energy, green jobs and transportation.  Event highlights include emcee Sean McGrath of Livewire, and hilarious guest appearances.

According to Future of Energy President, Phillip Kelsven, "This event really serves two purposes; we want to give voters the opportunity to hear from their elected officials and candidates regarding sustainability and energy issues, and we want it to be entertaining.  Discussing a new energy economy is pretty serious business, so we are trying to add a bit of levity to the evening."

Confirmed forum participants include:

  • Karol Collymore, Multnomah County Commission Candidate
  • Bob Stacey, Metro President Candidate
  • Tom Hughes, Metro President Candidate
  • Ben Cannon, Incumbent Candidate for Oregon House District 46